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Edison Bethune Charter Academy
Leading the Change....
Pride: A Person with a Sense of one's own proper diginity or value, self-respect
Student Handbook
7:55am - 3:15pm
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We, the learning community of Edison Bethune Charter Academy, believe all children can learn. 
By receiving a world class education, all students will be academically prepared to compete globally.
Edison Bethune Charter Academy's mission is to provide all students with a rigorous standards-based curriculum to achieve success.
Every child is provided with resources and opportunities to reach his/her individual potential through academic preparation and personal responsibility.  Working as a team of parents, staff, and students, EBCA is dedicated to providing a world class education to ensure the academic advancement of every child.

A Tuition-Free Public Charter School Serving  TK/K-6th Grades
Our Pawsome
All Teachers are Fully Credentialed & Highly Qualified
Uniform Dress-Code to enhance the learning experience
A Caring School Culture
Truancy Mediation Liaison
Daily Professional Development for Staff
Parent-Teachers Conference

Unique and Rigorous Academic Programs
Open Court Reading Curriculum
Math Expression Curriculum
Social Studies-Scott Foresman

Full Day Kindergarten
Transitional Kindergarten

Specials Programs and Active School Culture
State-of-the-art Technology Center
Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer Technology,
Library Enrichment
Free Before and After-School Programs
After School Tutoring
Reading Intervention
Free and reduce breakfast / lunch
Bilingual Staff
Grade Level Fieldtrips
HOPES awards

The Academic Program Aligned to Common Core State Standards

Multiple strategies are used, including cooperative learning and small group tutoring.  Phonics, word attack, comprehension, and study skill are taught through the state adopted program.

Writing/Language Arts
Writing is taught in all subject areas so students learn to write for many purposes and audiences.  Students hone their skill in the mechanics of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. English Language Development in which students acquire and reinforce their skills in English through conversation, listening, and writing

The curriculum stresses computation as well as a data collection and analysis, probability and statistics, geometry, and algebra.

Social Science
Projects and activities are literature-based, cross-curricular, and guided by a multicultural perspective and respect for diversity.

Active, hands-on explorations help students build their understanding of the key scientific concepts and big ideas that explain our world.

Fine Arts
Music and Visual Arts are presented as a combination of history, performance, appreciation, and practice, all with a multicultural approach.

Curriculum focuses on healthful nutrition and objectives in the area of speed, flexibility, endurance, strength, and agility.

High Achieving School  of Choice!

Uniform Dress Code
Currently serving Grades TK/ K-6
Accent on Access Violin Program
Sponsored with FCOE
Specials Program offering Art, Music, and Fitness daily for every student
Extensive after-school program,
Sports Program
Friday Fitness / Spirit Friday
Two full computer labs,ipads
A diverse student and staff community
Over 50% of our 6th Grade class have been invited to apply to Edison-Computech Progran. Each year more than 10% of our 6th graders are accepted!
Open Enrollment lottery system used to fill open seats.
Wifi Campus

Core Values

A responsible person keeps his or her own word; take care of work, projects, or duties assigned to or voluntarily accepted by him or her, and accept his or her failures or mistakes without excuse or finger pointing, and with willingness to correct his or her behaviors.

A wise person makes good choices; waits for negative emotions, like anger, fear, or resentment, to pass before taking action; and considers the concerns of others, as well as his or her own.

A respectful person is kind to others, and polite and gracious in social situations; demonstrate not just tolerance

A person of high behaves with consistency and reliability; lives up to his or her principals; takes pride in doing right without being boastful or self-promotional, and is true to himself or herself in matters of conscience.

A hopeful person beliefs in him or herself; knows that hard work and good intentions can make a difference, and looks to the future with positives expectations and a plan for realizing those expectations.

A courageous person is not reckless but willing to take necessary risks when fear, embarrassment, or the opinion of others might otherwise discourage him or her from doing what is right and proper.

A compassionate person helps those who need help, not just those he or she likes; is forgiving of others who have-though weakness or
meanness-behaved badly and shows care and concern for all.

A just person treats others as he or she would like to be treated; shows self-discipline in the face of his or her desires, and is concerned with the well-being of others.